There are causes worth fighting for. There are times when money needs to be raised. These times are made easier when the patrons of your charity feel appreciated. The entertaining atmosphere, delicious food, and high quality drinks available at The Venue display gratitude to patrons and honor to the cause simultaneously.

The Venue delivers a large and architecturally stunning space for your charitable event. Exposed brick combines with contemporary features; the space is easily decorated but does not require dressing up. There is room for hundreds of patrons, even when hosting a formal dinner. A large stage will be appreciated for any speeches, and should a head table be necessary. A bar is available, and can be fully or partially open, or cash, as you wish. Wines and beers may be special ordered just for your event should a particular choice be missing from the available selection. The Venue has a generous list of caterers and florists from which to chose.

Located in the heart of Downtown, parking garages and hotels are within easy walking distance. A charitable event hosted at The Venue is sure to be a successful event.