The perfect wedding reception showcases the couple and their taste all while ensuring the guests are drinking well, and able to dance and dine freely. The location should add to the evening, not detract or distract. The Venue will amplify the entertaining and memorable atmosphere of any wedding ceremony or reception.

The architecture of the room is a blend of modern convenience and historical integrity; it can as easily maintain its urban loft look and feel as it can be transformed to a detailed theme. Styling options are unlimited; an entertaining atmosphere is guaranteed. The twinkling lights of Downtown Des Moines will shine through the windows set in historic brick walls. A large stage will accommodate your wedding party for a ceremony, or the head table for a reception. There is room for formal dining or for hors d’oeuvres and a dance floor. The Venue has carefully selected relationships with a generous amount of caterers and florists in the metro area to allow for maximum personalization.

With a complete bar attached to The Venue, a cocktail hour can be pulled off seamlessly. The open/cash bar options are fully customizable, as are the beverages served. Should your favorite wine, beer, or cocktail not be on the list, it will be custom ordered and served as requested.

The centralized location of The Venue means that parking garages and hotels are within walking distance; a convenience all wedding guests will greatly appreciate.

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